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GPS Fleet Tracking System

ProAIMS has done intensive research in this domain to architect the needful revolutionary technological breakthrough business intelligence and to hand pick the best devices so as to make a perfect fit for the local market. ProAIMS tracking system identifies each tracker as a job to do, nature of the job and every single detail can be defined by your specific business. You do not like the standard reports offering, then, you decide and design the report you may like to see in a few minutes.


We understand that your business is unique and the challenges are also unique.


How it works:

The GPS signal is transmitted from a supported device like mobile phone or standalone GPS device. It send time and location through satellite to our data server located in Dubai and UK. Once data is sent to our servers. We then interrupt it into meaningful reports which will be used to monitor your fleets and to save your running cost. Anytime your data will be saved with us, so you get your report generated even after years.


GPS Tracking services are used to track vehicles, equipment, mobile phones, people, animals and more. ProAIMS use it set and receive step by step directions for our fleet management application, so our customers enhance the productivity and to control excess expenses happening while jobs are not monitored.


  • Trackers For Smart Fleets
  • Save Money On Fuel & Working Time
  • Instruct On Time For Efficiency
  • Satellite Antitheft System
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